Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reduce heat stroke with water and ice | Columbia Ice

Had to give a double take this summer when one of the managers of a company that does outdoor work said work would stop without ice.  I never imagined ice being so important, but it was to people who had to work under the hot Alberta sun.  I guess drinking warm water just doesn't quench the thirst and keep workers cool on a hot summers day like water cooled by Columbia Ice.  Made me smile hearing that work would stop without ice.  It also made me a little perturbed because the company I delivered ice to worked on weekends and if they needed ice to work, then I had to deliver ice on the weekend.  There is always a catch.

Paving crew working on a highway.
Ice keeps outdoor workers cool in the hot Alberta sun.

When you think about it logically ice isn't just a luxury.  Anyone who follows football knows that heatstroke can kill.  Of course that is the extreme example, a more reasonable one would be heatstroke can cause employees to miss work.  If that employee has to go on WCB because of work miss, employer WCB premiums go up.  Water does help with keeping the core body temperature cool.  Ice cold water likely works better.  I am not sure, just guessing here because they didn't let me into medical school which is a good thing for everyone   One of the 'cool' things about ice is not only does it help keep people 'cool' it can also help lower those WCB premiums.  If a company is proactive about safety, the people who run the WCB will lower your WCB premiums.

Ernie is the owner and I am who people refer to as the iceman.  Together we make up Columbia Ice, Edmonton's ice company.  For all your ice needs give us a shout.

The Iceman
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