Monday, December 22, 2014

Why does Arctic Glacier owned Polar Ice continue to pretend it is Alberta owned?

Columbia Ice is the locally owned Ice Company in Edmonton and area.  Polar Ice used to be Alberta (locally) owned when Jerry Antoniuk owned Polar,  however when Jerry sold his ice company to Arctic Glacier, Polar Ice Express, became American owned.  I do understand that when companies get bought and sold things like websites take time to be updated. It has been over two years since  Arctic Glacier  purchased Polar Ice which is more than enough time to update the website with accurate information.   Western Ice which Arctic Glacier bought just recently is forwarded to Arctic Glacier's main website.  Of all the ice companies in North America you would figure Arctic Glacier would of learned not to mislead people from its previous anti-trust issues in the US and lawsuits in Canada. 

You might think Arctic Glacier leaving Polar Ice's website saying Polar is Alberta owned is not a big deal.

Polar Ice is AMERICAN owned.

However for many small businesses like Columbia Ice, which compete against larger foreign owned businesses like an Arctic Glacier, locally owned which Alberta owned implies, is the one selling feature unique to all locally owned businesses or ice companies in our case.  To a percentage of the population locally owned is a big determining factor in deciding which company to use or products to buy.  That person could very well Google "ice companies Edmonton" and find Polar Ice Express's website.  They could call Polar, thinking it is a locally owned ice company and then when it comes time to deliver, it is Arctic Glacier doing the delivery not Polar.  It is the type of misleading bs that does not belong in business.

Locally owned matters to a lot to me.  I would never work for a business that was not Canadian owned.  I love the small business owner.  I believe strongly if you want people to support your business, you must do all you can to support those people by investing back into the local economy. Sometimes, like with our Vogt ice makers, it isn't possible because those you have to purchase in the US as there is not a Canadian manufacturer of industrial ice makers.  However when possible we try to purchase parts and services from local contractors and suppliers.

Sure I am biased against Polar and Arctic because they are our competition at Columbia Ice. Actually it is that exact reason I need to fire warning shots across the bow of the sleeping giant.  Locally owned is what sets companies like a Columbia Ice apart from Arctic Glacier and Polar Ice.  Unlike the #oilers, the Iceman is not afraid of giants.  I just look them in the eye, pop them in the nose and they will fall like Goliath to David's stone.
David and Goliath, a colour lithograph by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888)
Icemen fear no giants.

I am not asking Arctic Glacier to change the fact they advertise 7 pound bags ice even though I have not seven pound bags of ice since Arctic Glacier bought Polar Ice.  All I am saying is be honest.  Don't lie Polar, about the fact you are part of a large faceless US corporation.  Embrace the fact you are sucking money out of Alberta and sending it to our star spangled friends across the border.  Gas stations tried the same thing years ago when large brands pretended to be small individually owned gas stations.  It did not work then and it won't work now because people want transparency.  They are tired of being mislead.  Polar Ice you are proudly American owned, not locally owned.  

If you happen to come across this blog because you were looking for ice and not news from the ice industry. Ernie is the owner and I am who people refer to as the Iceman.  Together we make up Columbia Ice, Edmonton's ice company.  For all your ice needs give us a shout.

The Iceman
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