Monday, December 22, 2014

Should a video of a kitten being burned alive be allowed on facebook?

Recently I stumbled across an article talking about how Facebook would not remove a video of a kitten being doused with gasoline and then burned alive. Here is part of their response to calls for the video to remove.

“While we do not allow content that directly encourages violence, we try to create a safe environment that balances people's desire to express themselves and in some cases condemn what they see,” the response reads at one point. “Facebook's community standards say that graphic videos are shared on the site as a means of condemning the violence depicted, and raise awareness of instances of animal cruelty or atrocities committed worldwide.”

1.  "While we do not allow content that directly encourages violence..."

We live in a society where there are those who get a rush out of getting a negative reaction out of people online. We term those sad, pathetic souls as trolls.  The 15 minutes of negative fame that comes with posting a video of burning a kitten online directly encourage cruelty to animals to those trolls because it gives them the rush they desire.  They know because facebook will do nothing, all they have to do is be cruel to an animal on video, post it on facebook and watch people get angry.  Take away Facebook and social media would stupid still happen without a platform to share?  

2.  "graphic videos are shared on the site as a means of condemning the violence depicted, and raise awareness of instances of animal cruelty or atrocities committed worldwide.

Showing graphic videos of cruelty to animals is OK because it raises awareness does not fly with me.  Nobody asked the kitten if it wanted to be burned alive to raise awareness for animal cruelty.   The video wasn't about stopping animal cruelty.  It was two idiots thinking it is funny to burn a kitten alive.  People condemning the video in the comment sections is exactly what trolls want.  It gives them the rush they need and love.  

If facebook wanted to raise awareness about animal cruelty, a news article showing how the company helped law enforcement find and arresting the two offending individuals would do a lot more.  By allowing the video to exist and be shared facebook are not only condoning the action of burning a kitten alive but glorifying it by giving the two trolls the look at me fame they desire.  

If I could delete my facebook account I would.  I only have an account to run a few pages for businesses.  I do not use it to keep in contact with friends because I prefer to interact in more tangible ways.  After reading about this issue I look forward to the day when I can delete my account for good.  


BTW breastfeeding and giving birth images and videos still get deleted just not a kitten being burned alive.

Why does Arctic Glacier owned Polar Ice continue to pretend it is Alberta owned?

Columbia Ice is the locally owned Ice Company in Edmonton and area.  Polar Ice used to be Alberta (locally) owned when Jerry Antoniuk owned Polar,  however when Jerry sold his ice company to Arctic Glacier, Polar Ice Express, became American owned.  I do understand that when companies get bought and sold things like websites take time to be updated. It has been over two years since  Arctic Glacier  purchased Polar Ice which is more than enough time to update the website with accurate information.   Western Ice which Arctic Glacier bought just recently is forwarded to Arctic Glacier's main website.  Of all the ice companies in North America you would figure Arctic Glacier would of learned not to mislead people from its previous anti-trust issues in the US and lawsuits in Canada. 

You might think Arctic Glacier leaving Polar Ice's website saying Polar is Alberta owned is not a big deal.

Polar Ice is AMERICAN owned.

However for many small businesses like Columbia Ice, which compete against larger foreign owned businesses like an Arctic Glacier, locally owned which Alberta owned implies, is the one selling feature unique to all locally owned businesses or ice companies in our case.  To a percentage of the population locally owned is a big determining factor in deciding which company to use or products to buy.  That person could very well Google "ice companies Edmonton" and find Polar Ice Express's website.  They could call Polar, thinking it is a locally owned ice company and then when it comes time to deliver, it is Arctic Glacier doing the delivery not Polar.  It is the type of misleading bs that does not belong in business.

Locally owned matters to a lot to me.  I would never work for a business that was not Canadian owned.  I love the small business owner.  I believe strongly if you want people to support your business, you must do all you can to support those people by investing back into the local economy. Sometimes, like with our Vogt ice makers, it isn't possible because those you have to purchase in the US as there is not a Canadian manufacturer of industrial ice makers.  However when possible we try to purchase parts and services from local contractors and suppliers.

Sure I am biased against Polar and Arctic because they are our competition at Columbia Ice. Actually it is that exact reason I need to fire warning shots across the bow of the sleeping giant.  Locally owned is what sets companies like a Columbia Ice apart from Arctic Glacier and Polar Ice.  Unlike the #oilers, the Iceman is not afraid of giants.  I just look them in the eye, pop them in the nose and they will fall like Goliath to David's stone.
David and Goliath, a colour lithograph by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888)
Icemen fear no giants.

I am not asking Arctic Glacier to change the fact they advertise 7 pound bags ice even though I have not seven pound bags of ice since Arctic Glacier bought Polar Ice.  All I am saying is be honest.  Don't lie Polar, about the fact you are part of a large faceless US corporation.  Embrace the fact you are sucking money out of Alberta and sending it to our star spangled friends across the border.  Gas stations tried the same thing years ago when large brands pretended to be small individually owned gas stations.  It did not work then and it won't work now because people want transparency.  They are tired of being mislead.  Polar Ice you are proudly American owned, not locally owned.  

If you happen to come across this blog because you were looking for ice and not news from the ice industry. Ernie is the owner and I am who people refer to as the Iceman.  Together we make up Columbia Ice, Edmonton's ice company.  For all your ice needs give us a shout.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reduce heat stroke with water and ice | Columbia Ice

Had to give a double take this summer when one of the managers of a company that does outdoor work said work would stop without ice.  I never imagined ice being so important, but it was to people who had to work under the hot Alberta sun.  I guess drinking warm water just doesn't quench the thirst and keep workers cool on a hot summers day like water cooled by Columbia Ice.  Made me smile hearing that work would stop without ice.  It also made me a little perturbed because the company I delivered ice to worked on weekends and if they needed ice to work, then I had to deliver ice on the weekend.  There is always a catch.

Paving crew working on a highway.
Ice keeps outdoor workers cool in the hot Alberta sun.

When you think about it logically ice isn't just a luxury.  Anyone who follows football knows that heatstroke can kill.  Of course that is the extreme example, a more reasonable one would be heatstroke can cause employees to miss work.  If that employee has to go on WCB because of work miss, employer WCB premiums go up.  Water does help with keeping the core body temperature cool.  Ice cold water likely works better.  I am not sure, just guessing here because they didn't let me into medical school which is a good thing for everyone   One of the 'cool' things about ice is not only does it help keep people 'cool' it can also help lower those WCB premiums.  If a company is proactive about safety, the people who run the WCB will lower your WCB premiums.

Ernie is the owner and I am who people refer to as the iceman.  Together we make up Columbia Ice, Edmonton's ice company.  For all your ice needs give us a shout.

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