Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to increase the amount of money you pay for large bags of ice in #yeg?

I hope it is food grade cause ice is food.
Icemen of Columbia Ice are grumpy folk.  We are prone to fits of turrets, random moments of road rage and have been known to throw garbage, the point being we are not exactly the most rational of people.  One of the big problems with having clients is you can't throw garbage at them without losing that client, which helps keep us in business.  It is a viscous cycle where we have to be nice to the client to keep the client.   This is where the Machiavellian lie "the customer is always right" comes from according to me, the Iceman.

What do you do when a client mistreats you as an ice supplier?  Not just any client, but one which you have had a good relationship with for years.  A client that has always ordered a great deal of ice.  Forget what you would do, what do we do when that client, stops ordering ice, starts making their own bagged ice from their restaurant ice machines and storing that ice in our ice merchandisers?  Ice merchandisers which have to make their value each year in ice sales.  They put the ice in what appears to be garbage bags which likely are not food grade.  When it comes to plastic food grades matters because bad chemicals don't leach into the food and ice is food.  Water is not but ice is.

What we did to the misbehaving client was charge rent on the freezers and for a year the rent will be reasonable.  We asked the people at the Edmonton Garrison if we could borrow a tank which they laughed at and said leave or we will shoot you out of a tank.  I stayed, cause it sounded fun.

We actually put a very reasonable rent on the ice merchandisers, too reasonable if you ask me.  Then because they pissed me off, putting ice, the true expression of water in plastic bags, using our merchandisers all summer without asking, thinking we were none the wiser, got the price per bag bumped a $1 a bag.

Frankly that is a temporary arrangement because one of you who reads this blog is going to call us and say I could use two big door double freezers full of your ice every week until the end of time.  It could happen because it has happened.  You never know with the internet how someone will find you or what is that one single variable that causes that person to press a button or dial a number if anyone still dials and say Ernie Iceman I need ice.

Ernie is the owner, I am the iceman and if you want to increase the amount we charge you for large bags of ice, now you know what to do.

only got a warning because they used food grade ice bags.
If you need big bags of packaged ice we are your ice company.

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