Monday, October 6, 2014

White collar theft or frostbite on the brain? | Shaw cable

In Edmonton when it comes to internet the two companies that pop to mind are #shaw and #telus. A friend of mine recently got Telus and ran into all sorts of problems so I went with Shaw.  My mom had Shaw years ago and so I hopped online and using the internet, ordered internet.

When you go through the ordering process online with Shaw it has a few areas where you select different options picking the type of service, when and how to contact you, etc.. the usual type info you would expect from a cable company.  The reason I mention this is because the people on the ground who I dealt with, seemed to not have a clue about the information I entered online when ordering.

1.  I selected to be contacted by email and then Shaw proceeded to call me to tell me the technician would be coming by on Saturday.

2.  Shaw's website asked me if I wanted the person installing the cable to come in the morning or afternoon.  I selected Saturday morning, changed things around so I would be available on Saturday morning, only to be told by Shaw when I called wondering where they were, that they had set me up for an afternoon appointment.  I had to change things again so I could be home Sunday afternoon because I wasn't available Saturday afternoon.

3.  Cable man when he came asked me if I wanted TV with the internet.  I know it probably is just an upsell, but it still annoyed me because had I wanted TV I would of selected it online when I ordered Shaw internet.

4.  A week after getting everything set up I get a bill emailed me.  Apparently they figured out how to use email.  Too bad they didn't realize their own website said first month free with the following five months at $30 a month because they charged me for the first month.  Although they were good enough to solve this issue on twitter which was cool, the fact they didn't know I ordered internet online and I had to point it out to get the first month free makes me think they do it on purpose, hoping people won't notice the extra first month charge.  That makes me angry because they are counting on the fact a lot of people won't check the bill and will just pay.  It is white collar theft which nobody will answer for. It is either that or programming incompetence because getting the information from the web to an offline, client database is possible.  They knew my address which they obviously got from the web so why didn't the people I interacted with at #shaw know I signed up via the web?  Either Shaw plays ostrich when it comes to how you sign up to make an extra $30 off people or they are incompetent.  Which is it shaw?

Only free if you call and demand it.

5.  They seem to be wanting me to pay two months in advance.  I have no problem with that, just wish it was OBVIOUS when signing up.

To make a long story less long, I finally got my internet up and the whole billing situation sorted.  It might of been a pain but I am somewhat happy.  It just bothered me to be asked questions about how I wanted to be contacted, when I wanted the cable internet to be installed and then have that info ignored.  |I really did not like I had to make them honor their online deal.  I feel like a company like Shaw is big enough and has enough talented people where it shouldn't be so clueless.  Sadly this is the state of big mobile, internet and television companies in Alberta where the lack of competition has allowed companies like Telus and Shaw get away with poor service.  Yes I included Telus because what my friend went through was a gongshow also.

Luckily I am an iceman so I can get all the free ice I need to cool the melon down when the crazy hits.  Ernie is the owner, I am the iceman and together we are Columbia Ice, Edmonton's Ice company.

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