Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Iceman almost loses it

Sometimes we have to pick up our ice merchandisers which we have brought out to one of our clients.  Moving a big two door beast isn't exactly the easiest of tasks which is why you rarely hear of people stealing ice merchandisers.  It is not a gentle process and often the big ones don't fit through normal door sizes.  Today me and the oldest man alive, Andy, and myself went to a client who shall remain nameless.  What happened today could of happened at any client site and frankly was my fault.  I am a hot head.  Always been rather emotional and so when something pisses me off I will tell you in a very blunt way.  

Obviously if we got the merchandisers which is just what us in the world of Edmonton ice call a giant freezer, in to the building, we should be able to get them out.  There was a big garage door with a big pickup truck in the way.  My coworker, the ancient one, Andy, asked who drove the truck and said we needed him to move it.  Asked twice and was told no.  I asked a third time before losing my fucken marbles on the guy because he was scared to back it in again due to the fact there is construction with a four foot drop near the edge where you pull out.  He wanted us to wait for him to finish his work which he didn't say how long it would take.  He just said no, I am not moving my truck.  

I think some yahoo who worked at the place got involved and tried to help the guy pull out.  That is when I realized I had made the guy driving the truck nervous.  He went too quick, didn't take the time to check his mirriors and put a huge dent in the right side of the truck.  I had to yell for the guy to stop because the spotter was clueless.  It was a glorious clasterfuck as we would say in the navy.  Mistakes were made at every level.  

The building we were at during the construction area should not of allowed trucks to back in.  You have one area where to load the stuff when it comes to big objects that don't fit through doors.  It wasn't safe to have anyone back in and really wasn't needed.  All the equipment was on wheels and could easily be moved.  It would of been 20 meters if that which I did pulling an ice merchandiser with a moving dolly.  From a safety standpoint you should not of been allowed to back up into the bay.  

The guy himself should of realized you can't block a shared entrance for any length of time and expect other workers to wait around for you to finish your work, especially if you don't say give me a few minutes.  Never in a million years imagine someone would say no.  It was shocking.  No I won't move the truck.  If you are pulling out, regardless who is giving you crap take your time and check your mirrors.  Maybe if it is really hard to back in you shouldn't back in.  

Then there is myself, the iceman.  I should of realized that the guy was simply nervous about having to move his truck.  Instead of reacting with anger I should of offered to help guide him out and back in after.  I could of calmly asked how long was he going to be.  There was a right way and a wrong way to interact with people.  In the end I am only angry at myself my dear friend, my bag of ice.  

I talk to ice.. at least I don't see dead people.  


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