Thursday, October 30, 2014

A soldier dies and Canadians lose a little bit of their freedoms

Terrorist and a soldier. 
I remember when a soldier use to die to protect our freedoms.  Now it is a soldier dies and Canadians lose a little bit of their freedoms.  Frankly it would of happened without Cpl Nathan Cirillo death.  I don't know the right answer to the question of "how to find a Tommy Terrorist that looks and acts like the person next door until a big boom?"  It is a difficult question that shouldn't start and end with more police and surveillance powers.  Losing more of our freedoms as Canadians cannot be the solution to a man with a gun who shoots a soldier.  As soon as we change who we are as Canadians and a people because of terrorists, ISIS wins.

The US didn't win the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Osama won when he got America to over extend itself with two wars, on two fronts and lose themselves in the process.  The United States I grew up with was better than one that would resort to torturing other human beings.  Kill a soldier, hack any card reader on the planet, behead a journalist, turn our disenchanted into killers with a video and we are willing to go to war again.  We are willing to spend billions of dollars sending planes to drop expensive WMD and on computer programs that monitor all forms of communication online.    

I suppose my only refuge is an Iceman is too boring for any computer program to flag. I also bleed maple leaf and if I am going to die for any nation or cause it would be for Canada.  The thing that really gets me about the recent shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo is he would of given his life to save Tommy Terrorist.  

The Iceman

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