Friday, June 6, 2014

I dislike having to lock our garbage at Columbia Ice

image of garbage bin.
Use your own garbage!!!
If you happen to be in Acheson, AB a week ago you might of witnessed flying garbage.  I, the Iceman of Columbia Ice lost it at seeing another company's garage in our garbage bin.  You might think it is just a little bit of garbage, what is the big deal?  The big deal is the offending party made a big deal about us never leaving our stuff on his company's area, yelling at one of our beloved summer employees.  The same company that has a much larger garbage bin which is rarely ever full.  The only reason that company's employees used our garbage is because they were too lazy to go inside and get a key for their garbage bin.  To the icemen of Columbia Ice this is hypocritical bullshit.  You don't come over, yell at our employees for leaving pallets on your property and then use our garbage cause you are too lazy to use a key and lock.

It made me mad.  We don't have a lot of extra space in our garbage.  When the dump truck comes every two weeks our garbage bin is full to the brim and usually our garbage cans inside are full waiting to be emptied.  We really do not have the space to be able to take another company's garbage, especially one that chose to have an antagonistic relationship with its neighbours.  Thus I lost it.  I started to cuss and threw the bags of garbage towards the offending company's property.  Usually I am a fairly mild fellow unless I feel pushed and provoked.  Lucky for me there wasn't anyone from the offending company around because I would of had some choice words.  Lucky for them Ernie was around to calm the iceman down by making me spend some time alone in the freezer discussing my feelings which a bunch of bags of ice.

A few days letter when I wasn't seeing red I emailed the offending company outlining the situation and saying it is a bit ridiculous that we have to lock our garbage.  We have not heard back and thus have started locking our garbage bin.  I guess it is expecting too much from the business to respond to an email if they can't even figure out how to unlock and use their own garbage.

Ernie is the owner and I am the Iceman.  Together we are Columbia Ice, the only Canadian owned ice company in Edmonton.  For all your ice needs give us a shout.

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