Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Are people searching #yeg in place of Edmonton in search queries? | Columbia Ice

YEG is the airport code for Edmonton's international airport.  It also has become a very popular hashtag which is a way of organizing social media into searchable categories.  This means I can search #yeg in google, facebook, pinterest, etc and see all the tweets, pins and shares that have #yeg in it.  The reason airport codes have become popular is they can be much shorter in length relative to the actual name of the city.  Might seem like a small thing, however when dealing with the limited characters allowed on twitter and/or sms messages smaller is better.  In general online shorter is better unlike the bedroom.  YEG is no longer just an airport code but now with the advent of social mediam, YEG now represents Edmonton as a whole.  This begs the question how does the popularity of airport codes which are being used more and more in social media in place of city names, affecting what people use for a geographic indicator for search?

For example, we at Columbia Ice, sell and manufacturer big and small bags of party ice to the Edmonton and area.  Most of our marketing relating to search engine optimization is done with Edmonton as the main geographic indicator.  ie. ice Edmonton or Edmonton ice.  However #yeg has become one of the most popular hastags used in Canada.  This begs the question, since social media has made the hastag #yeg popular, when will this popularity spill over into search where our target demographic in the ice distribution world would start using yeg in place of Edmonton.  ie. ice yeg or yeg ice

If you are a business owner or just a search nerd like myself I would very much like to hear your opinion on whether airport codes are going to replace longer city names in search.

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