Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Swimming in ice with Columbia Ice, Edmonton's ice company

A new fad that seems to be becoming more popular is the summer time obstacle course.  For some reason, adults young and old will actually pay money to be put through a variety of challenges which make up an obstacle course that makes the one at bootcamp seem like child's play.  I have been to bootcamp and there was no swimming in ice or playing in mud or even heavy breathing during the obstacle course in Farnham, Quebec.  Sadly it was made so the short pudgy looking guy who took the wrong turn and ended up in bootcamp instead of bandcamp could pass.

Last year was the first time we, at Columbia Ice was exposed to this type of event when a nice fellow from BC called us about bringing ice to keep beer cold at a mud and fun event at Rabbit Hill ski resort or hill or whatever you call Rabbit Hill.  This year another gentleman called for an obstacle course in Fort Saskatchewan called the "Frozen Chosen" who is taking ice to a whole new level.  As if it wasn't enough to run people through mud, sludge, hills and other things I have been sworn to secrecy about, they run contestants through a big huge bin of ice and water or water and ice depending on your preference.

image of men submersed in ice and water.
Being cool with Columbia Ice.
As you can see in the photo being in a construction bin full of water and ice is not fun.  Your body all hot and bothered from the previous obstacles screams no as you jump in and realize you are paying for the privilege of being immersed in a big bin of ice.  Lucky you because when you are out of the hospital for hypothermia you can tell your friends they may of walked over hot coals but you got to walk through a big tub of ice.  How many people can say that?  How many people can say that?  Not many so yes gents, here is a chance to make yourself sound more interesting to the opposite sex.  I say men because being female already makes women interesting to men, we don't need much more than that.  As for men, on the first date, when we are being judged on how well you can carry a conversation, swimming in a bin of ice could come in handy.

"What did you do this summer?" the beautiful lady asks.

"I swam in ice" says you sounding all impressive like a polar bear swimming in the Arctic sea where there use to be ice.

You are probably wondering if the Iceman himself will be entering the competition.. and the answer would be no.  Doctor says I already suffer from frostbite on the brain, if I suffer from anymore then I will be totally insane.

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