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What do you do when Hughes is too small for your ice delivery truck? | Columbia Ice

From time to time after driving the roads of the wild, wild west we affectionately call Alberta our ice delivery truck which we still need to name gets dirty.  In Edmonton as is the case in many other cities in Alberta when a truck gets dirty you take it to Hughes.  They don't have no automatic box or reefer truck truck washes in the city we know of.  Instead it is up to the Iceman, me to get out and actually do manual labour, something that should really be illegal.

Can you imagine having a job delivering ice and then being expected to clean your own truck?  Cruel and unusual torture.

The problem with Hughes is our ice delivery truck at Columbia Ice is just too darn big.  You can wash half the truck just fine but to wash the other half you would need to turn your truck around which in turn increases the number of tokens you will need.  If your boss only gives you a limited amount of tokens then you might not be able to afford to wash both sides.

What is an iceman to do?

In St.Alberta the city next to Edmonton

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which doesn't want to be a part of Edmonton there is an RV truck wash called Big Toy Wash Co Ltd.  The ceilings are higher, the hoses and brushes bigger, perfect for our ice delivery truck.  Perfect if you can figure out how to press the green button to start the pressure washer.  It might seem like common sense but with the frostbite on the brain which is common in the ice industry there is less common in sense.  Instead there is the dumbfounded look at the pressure washer starts squirting water at about the pressure of a water fountain you would find in a school.  At Hughes as soon as you put the token in the slot you can pick up the pressure washer, press the trigger and bam you got water flying out of the washer ready to remove dirt from paint.  At Big Toy you have to press a green button to get water under pressure.

That said after figuring out how to use Big Toy it is all roses and lillypads.  There is no more half a clean ice delivery truck.  One side white the other with a five oclock shadow.  Instead you got a nice, clean, almost new looking reefer truck waiting to be filled with bags of ice.  At least until you drive outside and get the truck dirty on the way back to the ice factory.

These are the tales of the Iceman of Columbia Ice.  Ernie is the owner and I am the Iceman.  Together we are Ernie Iceman.

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