Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tim Hortons cares more about quantity served than quality of product or service.

Every morning I get up, hop in my frozen car, drive to pick up my friend and then we head off to work after getting a coffee at Tim Hortons.  The coffee or the food isn't great but the cost is cheap and generally speaking it does not take too long to get served, at least if you go through the drive thru.  Trying to get served in the store is another matter where the people who work there seem to do a good impression of a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off.  Half the time you have to remind the person at the till that you ordered a muffin or what you wanted on your sandwich because there seem to be a serious problem with short term memory loss working there.  As soon they take your money at Tim Hortons inside they forget everything about you.  You stand off to the side, waiting for them to forget your order or just get it wrong. Because of the gongshow that is getting served inside at Tims I have tended to avoid going in and stuck to the drive thru which maybe is why Tims sucks so bad when you go in to order.  They want to encourage people to use the drive thru as it likely makes them more money.  If you make the in-store experience even remotely decent it will discourage people from using the drive thru... Sadly after using the drive thru I can honestly say the service there is just as bad.

A banana is a long yellowish fruit that tastes like a banana, whereas a lemon is a round lemon fruit that tastes like lemon.  Most people know that a powdered donut filled with banana filling is not the same as a powered filled donut with lemon filling.  I say most people because the people who work at Tim Hortons don't seem to know the difference.  Twice now I have gone and asked very clearly for a lemon filled donut only to get banana filled donuts.  I don't even bother to order donuts anymore because you never know what you are going to get.  If that wasn't bad enough, this morning my friend went in to get some breakfast because she still is willing to brave the line and crap service inside to get food.  She came out with a coffee for me which was very nice of her.  Sadly when she said two cream, the idiot at the till made my coffee with two cream and two sugar.  I hate sugar in my coffee.  If I wanted something sweet I wouldn't be getting coffee.  I like the bitter flavour of sugarless coffee because it wakes me up in the AM and I need waking up.  

I can get over the crap donuts which no longer taste fresh because they are not made locally.  I can get over crap coffee because for $2 a cup for coffee I am not expecting much.  I cannot get over the fact Tims continually gets my order wrong.  I am 37 years old and when it comes to my morning coffee I know what I like.  I don't want to be up sold a cookie to go with it.  I don't want sugar put in it.  A medium coffee with two cream is all I want and even though it seems like a simple thing, it seems beyond the intelligence of the people they hire to work at Tim Hortons.  Guess the crazy man who called himself Jesus I met in the insane asylum was right when he said Iceman "there is no cure for stupid."  

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