Monday, February 10, 2014

No vanity plates for the ice delivery man in Edmonton.

One of the new fads in Edmonton is everybody and their dog is getting vanity license plates.  A vanity license plate is when a person pays a little extra money to get some sort of unique word or variation of a word or words.

Apparently people don't feel there are enough tools with social media and mobile phones to express themselves so they have turned to adding a touch of personality to their cars.

The truck to the left is a picture of the phrase "I BOSSI"  which must be a warning to people that if they talk to the person in the truck is bossy.  Personally I think this is mighty kind of the individual in the truck.  If I were to stop in traffic, take a break from ice delivery in Edmonton and talk to I BOSSI I would be well prepared to expect I BOSSI to tell me what to do.  I am not saying I would do what I BOSSI told me to do.  I am saying I would be prepared for it.

As for the license plate to the left on the Jag, it reads "A CHAMP" which is rather exciting.  If traffic was a little more conducive to getting out of the ice delivery truck I would of done so to get my picture with A CHAMP.  Not really sure a champion of what but you have to figure whoever was driving the Jag was a champion of something big to put it on his license plate.  It would be silly to just put a vanity plate on a car saying A CHAMP if you were not a champ.  Kind of like giving a person a participation ribbon.  Even though you finished last, you are still a champion for participating which of course makes a person feel warm and fuzzy.  Who knows the guy driving the Jag could be A CHAMP just for driving.  He is a champion driver on Edmonton roads.

These are the tales of an ice delivery man in Edmonton, Alberta.

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