Friday, February 21, 2014

Did your boss make you work during the Canada vs US hockey semi-finals?

Image of the Canadian flag.
Canada beats US 1-0
If you were one of the unfortunate souls who had to work despite Canada playing the US in the Olympic semi-finals, then you have every right to call your boss an unpatriotic bastard who does not deserve to call him or herself a Canadian.  If this was the world cup of soccer or football and France was playing England in the semi-finals do you think there would be anyone working in those countries?  Heck no because pride of one's country supersedes pride in one's job.  In Canada for example you are Canadian before you are a worker at any company.  This means as a Canadian it is your duty to go to a pub, have a pint and cheer until you can't speak anymore.  If your boss says no, he or she should be flogged in the street and branded as uncanadian.  The company itself should be brought up on crimes against humanity because it is just mean to deny Canadians what is in their DNA which is a deep love of everything hockey.

For Canadians the Olympics are not really about curling, moguls or other such sports, it is only about winning hockey gold.  We could get gold in every event except men's hockey and we would still consider the Olympics a failure.  On the flip side if the only medal we won was men's hockey then the Olympics would be a success.  I am not saying it isn't fun to watch other sports and cheer on other athletes.  I am saying that there is something magical about seeing our best players in Canada put on the red maple leaf jersey, hop on the ice to take on the world.  We are not the best at a lot of things in Canada.  There are a lot of things we are good at but there are only a few things we are the best at and hockey is one of them.  It is something all true Canadians take pride in.  It is something that bonds us together as a nation and for the 60 minutes of a hockey game we are brought together by something much bigger which is pride in ones country, love for the maple leaf and most importantly BRAGGING RIGHTS.  

At Columbia Ice I am lucky because Ernie the owner took me to Hudsons at WEM, treated me to a burger, fries and Canada beating the US.  My boss is AWESOME.  If yours was not, my advice is to drop your pants, moon the unpatriotic bastard and then go find a new job with a boss who understands the importance of Olympic hockey.  

Ernie is the owner, I am the Iceman and for all your packaged ice needs in #yeg give Columbia Ice a call or email.  We are a Canadian owned company that bleeds maple leaf.  

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Monday, February 10, 2014

No vanity plates for the ice delivery man in Edmonton.

One of the new fads in Edmonton is everybody and their dog is getting vanity license plates.  A vanity license plate is when a person pays a little extra money to get some sort of unique word or variation of a word or words.

Apparently people don't feel there are enough tools with social media and mobile phones to express themselves so they have turned to adding a touch of personality to their cars.

The truck to the left is a picture of the phrase "I BOSSI"  which must be a warning to people that if they talk to the person in the truck is bossy.  Personally I think this is mighty kind of the individual in the truck.  If I were to stop in traffic, take a break from ice delivery in Edmonton and talk to I BOSSI I would be well prepared to expect I BOSSI to tell me what to do.  I am not saying I would do what I BOSSI told me to do.  I am saying I would be prepared for it.

As for the license plate to the left on the Jag, it reads "A CHAMP" which is rather exciting.  If traffic was a little more conducive to getting out of the ice delivery truck I would of done so to get my picture with A CHAMP.  Not really sure a champion of what but you have to figure whoever was driving the Jag was a champion of something big to put it on his license plate.  It would be silly to just put a vanity plate on a car saying A CHAMP if you were not a champ.  Kind of like giving a person a participation ribbon.  Even though you finished last, you are still a champion for participating which of course makes a person feel warm and fuzzy.  Who knows the guy driving the Jag could be A CHAMP just for driving.  He is a champion driver on Edmonton roads.

These are the tales of an ice delivery man in Edmonton, Alberta.

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