Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What to do about people who hurt animals?

Anyone who lives in Alberta, anyone who is a dog lover, anyone with a heart who pays attention to the news has heard or read about the dog and cat that were found starved to death with their mouths taped shut in a Calgary alley.  It is a tragedy that brings tears to the eyes to read or even think about.  Dogs are creatures built to love.  If I were a religious man I would say they are put here on earth to teach man how to love.  Part of the reason people love dogs so much is because it is humbling to see a creature on earth who loves us with such reckless abandon.  That is all the dog wants to do.  To love us, which is why the story of someone who starves a dog is so hard to stomach.  Why it brings forth from the sadness a rage that is so irrational we want to string the person or people who inflicted such torture and suffering to an innocent animal by their entrails.  Gone is the turn the other cheek and forgiveness of the new testament, replaced by the vengeance of the old. Even as I write this blog post I find myself torn because whatever punishment exists in our criminal system will never be enough to payback the pain caused to both the cat and dog.

Although I focus on dogs in this post my heart equally goes out to the cat also.  I am both a cat and dog guy. Cats, more subtle in their love, love us when being loved hurts.  A cats touch is more gentle than the in your face love you with a wet tongue of a dog.  In my life both cats and dogs in their own different ways have helped me through difficult times.  Even though I am not religious I often refer to cats as god's eyes here on earth.

What makes someone be cruel to an animal?  There are shelters, charities and people willing to help if taking care of an animal becomes too much.  What is the right punishment to someone that harms an animal?  What does it say about that person?  What events caused a person to be able to treat another living creature that way?

I am without answers, only questions and there will be no comfort found in answers because the both the dog and cat will never be able to know what it means to have an owner that loves them completely without reservation.

image of a beautiful dog.
I love dogs n cats.  
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to cool beer fast. | Columbia Ice

image of bags of ice from Columbia Ice.
Big Bags of Ice.

image of a salt shaker laying on its side.
There is nothing worse than warm beer on a hot summers day.   People have been shot for less.  For the sake of your life and others who decide to throw a party and forget to put the beer on ice this article is for you.  

image of a glass full of water.
Think of bags of ice as little freezers full of even smaller freezers that you have to open to release the cool.  Opening a bag of packaged isn't rocket science.  You grunt, groan and go Hulk Hogan on the bag as you rip the plastic opening apart.  Yes, you can use scissors or a knife, if you want, but where is the fun in that?  You could call 911 and ask to borrow the jaws of life if your heart so desires.  Opening the bag though is only half the battle.

image of beer in a tub without ice, water or salt.
don't forget the beer
You take that open bag of ice and dump it into the sink or beer tubs or the bathtub, etc.  Add a little water just to give the ice the wetness to surround the bottles of beer.  Then comes the SALT as a catalyst to open the doors of the little cubbed ice freezers releasing the cool into the water which then in turn shares the cool with the beer.  No longer are yo0u serving warm beer which as mentioned above is a danger to your life.  Instead friends and family who came to your party will be happy as cool beer dances from the bottle down their throats making everything good.  Good unless you allow them to drive.  We at Columbia Ice frown on drunk driving.  If there was ever DNA that should not be passed on to the next generation it should be a drunk drivers because there is no cure for stupid.

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