Monday, December 30, 2013

Candy Cane Lane in Edmonton does not live up to the hype.

image of a decorated house on Candy Cane Lane in Edmonton.
Best of the bunch
"Is that it?" I said to a friend of mine as we drove through Candy Cane Lane.  A couple of houses were worth looking at but most were like any other house you might see driving through Edmonton.  Nothing spectacular, nothing worth the fuss people make about Candy Cane Lane each year in Edmonton.  Frankly if there was a house decorating contest across Edmonton,  I doubt any of the houses on the lane would of been in the top 10.  Most wouldn't be in the top 100.  Too many houses did the bare minimum.  There were few if any houses that made you stop and stare in awe.  Certainly wouldn't be a place I would suggest taking a lady on a date.

In no way am I saying they should cancel Candy Cane Lane.  We need more low cost things to do in Edmonton, not less.  What should happen is the City of Edmonton should step up and help motivate the people who live on Candy Cane Lane to do a better job decorating their houses.  Make it an attraction that anyone who comes to Edmonton during the holiday season will make a point of seeing. 

I don't know how this would be done.  Maybe the city would pay for the power and even provide a prize to the best decorated house.  If residents don't want to commercialize the lane with annoying signs they could commercialize the main website which likely gets a lot of hits to generate some revenue which could be used to offset the cost of lights.  Maybe even get a company like Canadian Tire to donate xmas decorations.  The point is, Candy Cane Lane is part of the Christmas fabric of Edmonton.  Each year families and friends pile into cars and trucks to experience an outing that costs next to nothing.  Instead of sending those people home disappointed which has been the case both times I have gone to the lane, send people home talking about how AWESOME Candy Cane Lane is.  

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