Monday, December 16, 2013

Big trucks, big loads, big bags of ice, what do they have in common?

Big trucks, big loads and big bags of ice all have big and Alberta in common.  Forget ice road truckers and come to Alberta to see oil sand truckers. Semi's pulling buildings, big metal pieces of a building, prefab pipes, structures and anything else you can imagine.   Half the reason the road to Fort McMurray is so treacherous is because everyday big rigs pulling apparatuses too big for a single lane of highway are chugging down that road  leaving vehicles coming in the other direction to hug the shoulder of the road.

Nothing quite like seeing a house coming right at you to make the heart of an ice delivery truck driver beat faster.  Pilot trucks don't help much except to foreshadow something monstrous is coming down the highway which you have to move over for.  There is no share the highway, it is more get off the highway or get mushed.

The picture to the right was probably the oddest thing I have ever seen on the road.  About the length of a football field, metal and looking for a home.  Felt sorry for the guy driving the truck because there is no drivers training for big and awkward.  It is on the job learning where you take it slow and hope you arrive in one piece I imagine.

Sadly for ice truck drivers like myself sights like this are becoming the norm in Edmonton and surrounding area.  Every day you see some odd looking piece of machinery being pulled and/or pushed by trucks.  The question that always comes to mind and why I say they should have a reality TV show based on the big crazy looking stuff they haul around Alberta is what the heck is that thing for?

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