Monday, November 18, 2013

Is packaged ice really used to build pipelines?

Is it getting hot in here asks the welder as he sits in the little shack covering two ends of a big metal pipe.
Image of how pipelines are built.
Avoid heat stroke with water and ice.
 Lucky for that welder Columbia Ice is there with packaged ice to help keep the well paid blow torches  cool and refreshed.

That is right ladies and gents.  When the big strong men and women of Canada go off to build one of those dreaded pipelines, they will need cool water where there are no taps or fridges.  To accomplish this some very smart person invented big orange Thermos's to keep water in and use packaged ice to cool the water down.

Sadly making ice using a traditional refrigerator just won't make enough ice for the job so these big pipe building companies have to give us at Columbia Ice a call.  We provide the ice and ice merchandisers to keep the ice in and some water company supplies the water.  Workers are kept hydrated on the job and not in the hospital with heat exhaustion which makes everyone happy.  Worker gets paid, pipeline gets paid and last but not least Columbia Ice gets paid.  Thus when you look at pipelines, when you look at powerplants and other large factories packaged ice in a small way helped those structures be build.

Packaged Ice keeps water cool.
If you work at a company or own a company that does a lot of work in the summer water and ice will help keep your workers working and your WCB claims low.  If memory serves WCB has a program by which if you take measures before something bad happens, your company can actually reduce its WCB rate.  Work safe, play safe, be safe.

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