Friday, November 8, 2013

Be nice to PAG Automotive or get ready for flying ice.

The icemen of Edmonton's ice company, Columbia Ice are a loyal bunch.  When it comes to keeping our trucks running there is one man we depend on who always comes through for us with a smile and that is Peter and the car guy's of PAG Automotive.
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It is hard to find a good mechanic you trust who can fit you in at a moments notice.  Our relationship with Peter the owner of PAG Automotive is extremely important to us.  Without him and his small army of mechanics we wouldn't be able to keep up with our deliveries.  This is why it is quite bothersome to us when a certain nearby business continues to interact with Peter in what can only be described as an inappropriate and negative way.  Every business when forced to share parking and yard spaces is going to have frustrations and annoyances.  It is one of the realities of doing business when you don't own your own building.  To succeed you have to be able to get along.  Yelling at people, being rude, condescending and basically a dick might work in the short-term, but in the long-term it only alienates your neighbours who you may need help from someday.  Furthermore with search engines using social media and reviews to determine who shows up in search being a dick to people can back fire in a way that can negatively affect a business.  Google for example is more likely to show a website which has a lot of positive reviews over one that has a lot of negative reviews.   The higher up you appear in search, the more business leads you get.  Being a dick might be fun but it can also cost you a whole heck of a lot of business.

In a social media powered world you can't afford to be crude or rude.  Digital ink is never forgotten or not seen by the spiders that crawl the net for Google and friends.

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