Monday, August 5, 2013

How many large bags of ice does your wedding use?

A couple shares a drink at their wedding.
need ice at your Edmonton wedding?
One of the staples of the ice distribution industry is weddings.  When a couple gets married, they tend to need ice for the bar because apparently people at weddings like to drink.  When it comes to beer, cocktails and root beer for the kids, people want the liquid to have a nice chill to it which is why they need ice.  The question that needs to be asked is how much ice is enough ice to keep the drinks cold?

At Columbia Ice we generally say one large bag is good for 10 people.  A large bag of ice is 25 lbs so it works out to 2.5 lbs of ice per person.  So if you are having a wedding with 100 people you would likely need about 10 large bags of ice.  

In terms of whether it is more cost effective to order from us than picking up large bags of ice at one of our partner locations it all depends on how much ice you need.  For any wedding with over 150 people it is likely more cost effective to email us at or call us at 780-960-7161.  We can deliver smaller orders, however there will be a delivery surcharge for small orders.  Weddings often are on weekends so it is hard to justify paying someone to come in on a Saturday or Sunday for just a small order of ice so we tend to say 15 bags is the minimum if you want free delivery.  

The good news is we work with some really awesome liquor stores in the Edmonton area who have been kind enough to sell big bags of ice for pickup.  Even better is our partner locations also tend to have really good prices on liquor and drinks.  In one swoop you could pick up the drinks and ice.  

For all your wedding ice needs, give Columbia Ice a call at 780-960-7161.  We are Edmonton's ice company.  

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