Monday, July 22, 2013

Tylenol and Columbia Ice, a cure for Migraines

Women with headache wishing she had some ice.
Need a bag of Columbia Ice to calm the brain?
It is just good practise to ice down your brain now and then because like most pieces of machinery it can overheat when you use it too much.  This is especially true of coffee drinkers who brave the menus at Starbucks and Second Cup where choice was taken to extreme lengths. It is also true when the Iceman has a killer headache.  Take a few Tylenol, two bags of ice and sleep the pain away.  One bag of ice for the forehead and one bag of ice for the back of the neck.

Is this medical approved advice?  Hell no, I work at an ice factory, never been to medical school in my life.  I haven't even walked into the medical wing at the local University.  It is just what I do to cure the brain that is in pain.   Where did this magic formula for relief come from?

I played basketball.  That was the line I used to meet my first girlfriend and it is also where I learned to use ice to cure what ailed me.  Ankle got blue and purple a little ice bought it back to normal.  A knee wasn't feeling so hot, ice to cool it down and make the hurt feel good.  Ice seemed to be the Mr. Miyagi for my injuries, so when the head started to pound it seemed only logical to try ice to make the pain go away.

You don't have to use Columbia Ice for the ice although if you live in Edmonton you really should because we are a locally owned and operated company.  We are not owned by an American corporation.  Our ice is proudly Canadian.  

For all your ice needs give Columbia Ice a call, we are Alberta's ice company.  

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