Monday, June 24, 2013

Can't fly the friendly skies without party ice.

A plane and party ice leaves for a trip to the great north.
Where do they get the ice to keep cocktails cold?
When a flight stewardess offers you a drink on a plane often they will offer to put it in a glass of cubbed ice to keep the drink cold.  If you happen to be getting that drink on an airplane that loaded up in Edmonton, AB and happen to take the right airline which shall remain nameless.  You will be using Columbia Ice.  Our ice won't look any different than ice you got on any other plane.  It won't taste different either because our ice tastes like ice just like ice on other planes tends to taste like ice.  Imagine ice tasting like ice.

Once a week the Iceman drives out to the airport.  Has to go through the security mumbo jumbo and then fill up big ice merchandisers in the belly of the airport.  The ice is then brought by the men and women of the tarmac to the planes where it is used to keep your drinks cold.

If you happen to be throwing a party and want some ice that tastes like ice, Columbia Ice is who you call to get ice from Edmonton's ice distributor.

The Iceman
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