Monday, June 10, 2013

Bearded dragons, cats, lost dogs and the men of ice.

It is always interesting to me what type of pets people have.  I always wonder what does the type of pet a person has, say about that person.  If I had dogs it would likely say I am a dog person and if I have a cat it would suggest I am a cat person.  However what if I have both?  What if I have two dogs and two cats what does it say about the Iceman?  It is contradictory to have two cats and dogs.  Like trying to have mortal enemies get along and be friends.  It is ludicrous,  insane, nutty and another example of how spending time around ice or in a big freezer can lead to frostbite on the brain because normal people don't try to contradict the age old batter of cat versus dog.  Want to know what is more insane to have for a pet in Alberta where the winter will make the abominable snowman look to take a tropic vacation?  

Having a bearded dragon is crazy and without logic.  Who looks at Alberta and things hey lets get a lizard when there are big old dogs needing love.  Don't believe me, give one of our many not for profit dog rescue charities a call.  They have big dogs, little dogs, abused dogs, loud dogs and even quiet ones for you take home with you to give a loving home.  the very notion of taking a lizard from somewhere warm to our ice cold piece of the world just seems wrong.  Did anyone ask the bearded dragon if it wanted to come to Alberta?  

Ernie Graveline the owner of Columbia Ice did.  Although he didn't kidnap the bearded dragon or purchase it, Ernie did save the cute little guy from his daughter who decided to go to school instead of staying home to take care of the critter leaving Ernie to save the day.  Forget dogs, forget cats Ernie said as he stared into the eyes of the puffy faced dragon, it was love at first site.. that is until the dragon decided to go to the washroom.  Then love required a nose plug, lots of tissue and a very understanding wife who allowed the dragon space to cuddle with its man, Ernie. 

At Columbia Ice we might make and sell party ice, but our first love is our pets.  

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