Monday, May 27, 2013

The competitive world of water and ice in Alberta.

Anyone who is aware of current events knows that Alberta has been in the news a lot lately in regards to the oil sands. We got the oil and the world wants our oil.  One of the interesting parts of the whole oil industry in Alberta is learning the different types of businesses needed to power the development of the oil sands.  One particular business which is of interest to us at Columbia Ice is water and ice companies in Alberta.  Often water and ice companies don't make their own ice, instead focusing on producing water for residential and commercial use.  It is the commercial use of water which is where we come in.

Water companies will bid on contracts for shut downs which is when big factories, powerplants or industrial sites stop production to upgrade and fix machinery.  During a shut down workers from all around are brought in for long hours and water is needed to keep them hydrated.  To keep the water cold water companies will add a small bag of ice which is where we come in at Columbia Ice.  These companies who I cannot mention by name will order pallets and/or truckloads of ice and have them shipped to Fort Mcmurray where most of the work is being done these days in Alberta.

I say we can't mention the water companies we work with because water is a highly competitive industry.   If you serve one water company and another finds out they may choose to use another ice company instead of using the same one their competition uses.   Because of this we can't overly go after more water companies without putting our current ice contracts at risk.  Instead we have to hope someone at one of the many water and ice companies searches for small bags of ice online and gives us a call instead of our American owned competition.

If you work at a water and ice company and would like a quote on what it costs per small bag of ice when you order a whole bunch at one time give Columbia Ice a call at 780-960-7161.

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