Monday, May 13, 2013

Want a new ice merchandiser?

Do you sell packaged ice at your Edmonton gas station or liquor store?  Does your ice merchandiser look like it is on it's last legs?  Have you tried to convince your current ice distributor to supply you with a new ice merchandiser only to be given the run around?  Does this sound like a really bad sales pitch?

If your answer is yes to all over the above then wipe the dust off your eyes cause the iceman is about to explain how to get a new ice merchandiser.

No ice company wants to buy its current clientèle an expensive new ice merchandiser. Why spend money on an account that is already generating positive cash flow?  Usually a new ice merchandiser is purchased to entice a competitor's client away.

 "We will match the price per bag, plus let you use a brand new ice merchandiser" is the sales pitch given to liquor stores that buy enough ice to be worth the cost of a new ice merchandiser.  To be worth the cost a liquor store or gas station in Edmonton or surrounding area would have to purchase enough ice yearly to cover the cost of the merchandiser in one year.  This means if liquor store A buys $3000 a year of ice and are not a current client of Columbia Ice they would quality for a new ice merchandiser if they have the documentation showing they buy that much ice yearly.  I made a point of emphasizing having the invoices or receipts to show how much ice they buy because a lot of ice is a relative term.  To some ice resellers buying a $1000 of ice a year is a lot of ice, to us at Columbia Ice, not so much.

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