Monday, April 15, 2013

I would prefer to ship bagged ice than pipes

The other day I was pulling out of Acheson onto highway 60 to take bagged ice to one of our clients.

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At the intersection where google maps street view is showing there was a semi pulling a load of pipes.  To the right of the cab two pipes had shifted forward which was lucky for the driver.  The one story you hear often in Alberta is pipes are one of the most dangerous type of loads a truck driver can take.  More than once pipes have slid forward, cutting right through the cab, killing or injuring the driver.  In this case as you can see from the picture below the driver was lucky to have the pipes slide forward to the right of the cab.

image of pipes narrowly missing cab of truck
pipes just miss the cab of truck
I bet the driver went home feeling lucky that day because a pipe sliding like that could mean a drivers life.   I bet if you asked the guy what would he choose to deliver, bagged ice or pipes he would pick bagged ice because ice, unlike pipes does not kill.  

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