Monday, April 1, 2013

Ice delivery Edmonton, who you going to call?

If you didn't want to pay a fortune for lots of ice who would you call for ice delivery in Edmonton?  

Image of a large bag of ice ready to be delivered in Edmonton.
Call Columbia Ice for ice delivery Edmonton.
Packaged ice is one of those products that most people don't even think about.  Generally speaking when you need ice in Edmonton you go to grocery store, gas station or liquor store.  What do you do if you got talked into getting married, need to save a few bucks because weddings cost a fortune and you don't want to by 50 small bags of ice at $3.00 a bag?  

You call Columbia Ice for ice delivery in edmonton.  You can google us at Columbia Ice.  We are the .ca, don't get confused by the .com.  Our service area is in Edmonton and area.  The price of a large bag of ice which equates to 5 small bags of ice gives you a savings of over 50%, plus if you order enough we even deliver.  Being an ice distributor we don't deliver small orders unless you are willing to pay a fortune for delivery but if you order over 10 large bags of ice we can hook you up with some ice for your wedding.  For smaller events we do offer big bags of ice for pick up at our partner locations.  


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