Monday, April 29, 2013

That is not an ice maker, this is an ice maker

No, we don't have a 100 freezers which we put ice cube trays in to make the ice to fill the bags you find in your local Edmonton liquor stores.  We don't use little ice makers like you would find in your local restaurant which is always so clean, cough, cough.  At Columbia Ice we use big bad super sized ice makers which require a forklift to move and a mother's love to keep on running.  A good rule of thumb when it comes to big machinery is the bigger the machine is the bigger the baby it becomes.  One screw loose, one wire out of place and it won't work.  When our big ice makers break down we can't call another ice company and say we need ice.  We could but we won't, not unless we really had to.

Image of an industrial ice maker.
How tube ice is made?

Image of where tube ice comes out of the machine.
Ice comes out here.

Side view of an ice machine.
Side view of ice maker.

An industrial ice maker.
Big ice maker
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