Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How many bags of ice do I need to cool a keg?

Not all kegs are made equal.  The superior ones contain more beer than the less superior with superior really just referring to the size of keg.  According the Iceman of Columbia Ice which is myself, the bigger the keg the better as the only thing better than beer is more beer.  When I say bigger keg I just mean what most people would call a normal sized keg as shown in the image below.
Kegs in need of big bags of ice.
2 large bags of ice per keg

When it comes to throwing a big party the one must is keeping the beer cold which is where Columbia Ice and our big bags of party ice come in.  For every normal sized keg of beer you need two 25 lb bags of party ice.  This will keep the beer cold, people happy and people will be raving about your party all over twitter.

So to answer the question in the title you need TWO bags of ice.  For an order that small you don't need to call an ice distributor because to deliver two bags of ice it would cost you about $40 a bag.  In general we do not deliver less than 15 big bags of party ice.  When it comes to orders less than that we would suggest going to one of our partner locations.

If you are planning a big event with lots of kegs, by all means give us a call.  As mentioned before for orders of 15 large bags of ice or more we are happy to offer free delivery in Edmonton.
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