Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How many large bags of ice for a party 200? | Columbia Ice

Trying to determine how much cubbed ice a party of 200 would use is an inexact science.  If it is 30 degrees Celsius you will use more ice than if it is only 10 degrees.  Is the ice being used for beer or cocktails as each goes through ice at a different rate?  Do you have a freezer to store the ice until it is used?  Unfortunately most people can't predict the future.  Who knows what the weather will be like in a week from now, let alone a month or so away.  Who knows what type of drinks people will want on the actual day of the event.

This means having to make an educated guess as to how many bags of ice are needed for a party of 200.  In general we say 12 people per 25 pound bag of party ice.  200 divided by 12 is 16.6 which means to be safe you likely will need 17 large bags of packaged ice.  16 bags would likely be fine as would 15 teen but if you are want to be super duper safe get 17 bags of ice.  This should be enough to keep the drinks cold, the guests happy making your event the talk of your local social circle.

For all your premium ice needs think Columbia Ice, an Alberta owned ice company.

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