Monday, April 29, 2013

That is not an ice maker, this is an ice maker

No, we don't have a 100 freezers which we put ice cube trays in to make the ice to fill the bags you find in your local Edmonton liquor stores.  We don't use little ice makers like you would find in your local restaurant which is always so clean, cough, cough.  At Columbia Ice we use big bad super sized ice makers which require a forklift to move and a mother's love to keep on running.  A good rule of thumb when it comes to big machinery is the bigger the machine is the bigger the baby it becomes.  One screw loose, one wire out of place and it won't work.  When our big ice makers break down we can't call another ice company and say we need ice.  We could but we won't, not unless we really had to.

Image of an industrial ice maker.
How tube ice is made?

Image of where tube ice comes out of the machine.
Ice comes out here.

Side view of an ice machine.
Side view of ice maker.

An industrial ice maker.
Big ice maker
For all your ice needs in Edmonton and surrounding area give Columbia Ice a call.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How many large bags of ice for a party 200? | Columbia Ice

Trying to determine how much cubbed ice a party of 200 would use is an inexact science.  If it is 30 degrees Celsius you will use more ice than if it is only 10 degrees.  Is the ice being used for beer or cocktails as each goes through ice at a different rate?  Do you have a freezer to store the ice until it is used?  Unfortunately most people can't predict the future.  Who knows what the weather will be like in a week from now, let alone a month or so away.  Who knows what type of drinks people will want on the actual day of the event.

This means having to make an educated guess as to how many bags of ice are needed for a party of 200.  In general we say 12 people per 25 pound bag of party ice.  200 divided by 12 is 16.6 which means to be safe you likely will need 17 large bags of packaged ice.  16 bags would likely be fine as would 15 teen but if you are want to be super duper safe get 17 bags of ice.  This should be enough to keep the drinks cold, the guests happy making your event the talk of your local social circle.

For all your premium ice needs think Columbia Ice, an Alberta owned ice company.

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How many bags of ice do I need to cool a keg?

Not all kegs are made equal.  The superior ones contain more beer than the less superior with superior really just referring to the size of keg.  According the Iceman of Columbia Ice which is myself, the bigger the keg the better as the only thing better than beer is more beer.  When I say bigger keg I just mean what most people would call a normal sized keg as shown in the image below.
Kegs in need of big bags of ice.
2 large bags of ice per keg

When it comes to throwing a big party the one must is keeping the beer cold which is where Columbia Ice and our big bags of party ice come in.  For every normal sized keg of beer you need two 25 lb bags of party ice.  This will keep the beer cold, people happy and people will be raving about your party all over twitter.

So to answer the question in the title you need TWO bags of ice.  For an order that small you don't need to call an ice distributor because to deliver two bags of ice it would cost you about $40 a bag.  In general we do not deliver less than 15 big bags of party ice.  When it comes to orders less than that we would suggest going to one of our partner locations.

If you are planning a big event with lots of kegs, by all means give us a call.  As mentioned before for orders of 15 large bags of ice or more we are happy to offer free delivery in Edmonton.
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Monday, April 15, 2013

I would prefer to ship bagged ice than pipes

The other day I was pulling out of Acheson onto highway 60 to take bagged ice to one of our clients.

View Larger Map

At the intersection where google maps street view is showing there was a semi pulling a load of pipes.  To the right of the cab two pipes had shifted forward which was lucky for the driver.  The one story you hear often in Alberta is pipes are one of the most dangerous type of loads a truck driver can take.  More than once pipes have slid forward, cutting right through the cab, killing or injuring the driver.  In this case as you can see from the picture below the driver was lucky to have the pipes slide forward to the right of the cab.

image of pipes narrowly missing cab of truck
pipes just miss the cab of truck
I bet the driver went home feeling lucky that day because a pipe sliding like that could mean a drivers life.   I bet if you asked the guy what would he choose to deliver, bagged ice or pipes he would pick bagged ice because ice, unlike pipes does not kill.  

For all your ice needs in Edmonton and area call Columbia Ice at 780-960-7161 or email at 

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Ice delivery Edmonton, who you going to call?

If you didn't want to pay a fortune for lots of ice who would you call for ice delivery in Edmonton?  

Image of a large bag of ice ready to be delivered in Edmonton.
Call Columbia Ice for ice delivery Edmonton.
Packaged ice is one of those products that most people don't even think about.  Generally speaking when you need ice in Edmonton you go to grocery store, gas station or liquor store.  What do you do if you got talked into getting married, need to save a few bucks because weddings cost a fortune and you don't want to by 50 small bags of ice at $3.00 a bag?  

You call Columbia Ice for ice delivery in edmonton.  You can google us at Columbia Ice.  We are the .ca, don't get confused by the .com.  Our service area is in Edmonton and area.  The price of a large bag of ice which equates to 5 small bags of ice gives you a savings of over 50%, plus if you order enough we even deliver.  Being an ice distributor we don't deliver small orders unless you are willing to pay a fortune for delivery but if you order over 10 large bags of ice we can hook you up with some ice for your wedding.  For smaller events we do offer big bags of ice for pick up at our partner locations.