Monday, March 18, 2013

Making ice in Alberta is different than making ice in Florida.

One of the difficult parts of building an ice factory in Edmonton, AB is the only people you can get to guide you through the process are American.  Nothing against Americans but they have no idea what an Alberta winter is like.  Making ice here is a lot different than it is in Florida where the temperature is hot and hotter.  In Alberta the weather in the winter is cold and colder depending if you are driving a car or waiting a bus stop for a bus.  Nothing is worse than standing outside in minus 20 degrees Celsius weather with the wind seeping through you clothing.

It isn't the cold that is the problem.  If it was always cold we could calibrate our machines to work at that set temperature and then be done with it much like they set their ice machines in the States to a small temperature range and are done with it.  The issue is the changing of temperatures from one season to the next.  Instead of having to calibrate our ice makers for one season, we at Columbia Ice have to do it for every mayor temperature change.  Even more fun we have to do it through a process of trial and error because getting help from someone who has never danced in the white tundra of the prairies during the winter months isn't a lot of help.  Not like anyone from Florida can talk hockey.  The reason why the Panthers make so little money is because people in Florida look at hockey players and wonder why they are wearing so many clothes in the Florida.

Not that we at Columbia Ice can't handle adjusting our ice machines to handle the different weather.  We got mad skills here in Canada.  His name is Oscar and he is our refrigeration guy who likely could put the Iceman down with his thumb, but that is a story for another day.

Until then, do remember for all your ice needs give Columbia Ice a call.

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