Monday, March 4, 2013

Things I never thought I would hear a boss say.

The first day I started at Columbia Ice we were putting small 5lb bags of ice into bigger bags to make palleting and shipping easier.  The boss, Ernie, looks at me and tells me that I am working too hard.  I think time stopped in that moment as my eyes moved up to meet his.  Did my boss actually say you are working too hard to me?  Apparently he did.  Never heard him say that since that day.

What I did hear Ernie say or get an email from him saying was take the day off, WITH PAY.  This made me  do a double check.  Click the details on the email to make sure it wasn't spam or someone pretending to be Ernie.  What boss in his right mind says take the day off with pay?

Makes you wonder about spending so much time around ice.  Maybe working in the ice distribution industry causes frostbite on the brain.  Maybe frostbite on the brain leads to bosses saying take the day off with pay.

Wouldn't that be nice?

I must be dreaming, someone pinch me.. ouch..

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