Thursday, March 14, 2013

Science of biodegradable ice bags

I feel like I need a degree to explain the science of biodegradable ice bags.  Apparently plastic takes a long time to break down.  We have all seen plastic bags clinging to fences which tend to live longer than we do.    With Columbia Ice's bags this isn't such a big deal because we have added an additive which will cause the bags to breakdown many times faster than traditional plastic bags.  Instead of me trying to regurgitate the science behind these new biodegradable ice bags I am simple going to send you to a webpage of the company that makes the additive we add to the plastic of our ice bags to cause them to break down faster.

There is no regulations saying we have to do this.  It does add some additional cost to the bags.  However we believe it is well worth the cost because a great many people in Alberta care about our environment.  In the ice industry the machines that make ice are fairly similar so it is hard to get a competitive advantage.  The one area we at Columbia Ice felt we could stand out above our competition was by being first to go biodegradable with our plastic.     
If green and local matter to you then Columbia Ice is who you call for packaged ice in Alberta.  Our main delivery area is Edmonton but we do offer ice by the truckload anywhere in Alberta.

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