Monday, February 18, 2013

How did we come up with Ernie Iceman?

Who is Ernie Iceman?

   One of the difficult aspects of building a strong social feed is trying to get your brand across all social networks.  For large companies with lawyers this is likely very easy.  A simple letter saying we will crush you if you don't give us the twitter vanity using our brand name would likely be enough to scare most people into compliance.  For a small ice company in Edmonton this really isn't an option and frankly we would have nobody to crush in Alberta as we are the only Columbia Ice in the province.  However we are not the only Columbia Ice in Canada.  In Vancouver there is a water company by the name Columbia Ice.  They are the .com on the web whereas we are the .ca.  

The only time the sharing of the brand name becomes an issue is when it comes to social media vanity URLs.  A vanity url is,, etc.  As you can see we use the Columbia Ice name on Facebook and the Ernie Iceman name on twitter.  This is because when we went to twitter and tried to get the Columbia Ice vanity it was already taken.  The use of the character Ernie Iceman gave us a way to create a somewhat unified brand across multiple vanity URLs.

The reason we chose Ernie Iceman is because Ernie Graveline is the owner of the ice company and the Iceman is the person you will likely see if you order ice.  It is also what most people call the ice delivery person.  Put them together and you get Ernie Iceman.

The Iceman
Call for ice: 780-960-7161

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