Monday, January 21, 2013

Where do you get big bags of ice in Edmonton?

When I talk about big bags of ice, I mean the 25 pound bags of ice often used by festivals and parties to keep beer and cocktails cold.  In Edmonton 25 pounds of ice is the biggest you can get.  In some parts of the world like the US or other parts of Canada you can get 40 pound bags of ice.  Lucky for me Edmonton is not one of those places cause we don't have a chiropractor here at Columbia Ice and lifting 40 pound bags of ice would make me need a chiropractor, doctor and massage therapist.

In Edmonton to get access to our big bags of ice you can either give us a call at 780-960-7161 or email us at and if you order 15 bags of ice we will deliver it at no cost within Edmonton and area.  If you wanted a reefer or truckload full of big bags of ice we would be able to ship anywhere a truck could go, of course you will have to pay for the truck rental.  

If by chance you feel like driving to pick up your own ice because you only need a few which is 2-14 large bags of ice then you can go to one of partner liquor stores in the city.

Anderson's Liquor
11478 149 St NW

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Kegs & More Liquor Ltd
Suite 100-17404 105 Ave

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The reason you might want to pick up big bags of ice from our partner locations is because it costs a lot less to buy large bags of ice versus small bags of ice.  One of Columbia Ice's large bags of ice is good for about 10-12 people and will set you back about $7.00 when you pickup.  The same amount of ice which would be 5 of our small bags would cost you about $15.00 so you can clearly see the cost savings one buying the bigger bags.

For all your ice needs in Edmonton, Alberta give Columbia Ice, Alberta's Ice company a call.

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