Monday, December 17, 2012

How is packaged ice packaged?

Although not as exciting as how they put the caramel in a caramel bar, how we put cubed ice into a plastic bag is still very riveting reading material so hold on to your hats and get ready to be blown away.

Last year when we only had a little ice factory, we would hold a bag under a spout, press an electric gas peddle and bam we could get a bag full of ice.  At that point we would then use a closer to put a little metal clip on the end to close the bag, hence the equipment being called a closer.  Next the small bag of packaged ice would be put on a conveyor belt and taken to the poor smuck whose job it was to frantically put 5 small bags of ice into one bigger bag we call a tote without falling behind.  I say poor smuck because making ice this way was like sweating to the oldies if the oldies were the sound of ice being made.
Inside of an Edmonton Ice Factory.
Ice goes from the auger to the bagger.
Our big ice bags come in a big roll.
image of ice bagger.
Our new bagger puts the packaged in packaged ice.

This is where the packaged ice is hiked to the QB.

Lucky for us poor smucks Ernie, the owner of Columbia Ice decided to invest in building a brand new ice factory with an automatic bagger.  This meant there was no holding an empty plastic bag beneath a spout.  In fact this meant no human contact or interaction with the ice during the bagging process.  It meant no more having to close the bags of ice either as the new bagger would heat seal the bags of ice closed.  All we had to do is stand like a quarterback at the end of the bagger and wait for the packaged ice to arrive.  The days of being a poor smuck was over as making packaged ice never was easier, well at least relative to how we would package ice before.  Of course there are still issues because the bigger the machine, the bigger the baby that machines tends to be and our ice bagger is no exception, but that is a story for another day.

If you need ice in Edmonton give Columbia Ice a call.  We are Edmonton's ice company.

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