Friday, December 7, 2012

We deliver ice even in a blizzard. | Columbia Ice

Delivering ice in Edmonton during the winter isn't always easy.  Mother nature has a way of saying hello when you least expect it.  The other day everything looked clear as I, the Iceman, left Edmonton for Redwater to make sure they had enough ice for Christmas cheer.

"Ha, ha," said the man in the sky as he decided to have some fun with me.
ice delivery in the Edmonton winter can be fun

The snow started to fall in big snowflakes making it hard to see.  To make it more fun when a semi would drive by for about 10 meters I couldn't see a thing, but don't worry the Iceman was not afraid.  He did not turn back and cry for mommy even though it might of seemed like the sane things to do considering you could barely see.  The Iceman was like the little train that knew it could.  One wheel in front of another.

On the way I might have passed Gibbons.  Not really sure because it was like living in a little house in the prairie book where you needed to use a rope to get from the house to the barn.  I could not see gibbons, but I assume it was still there to be passed and had not been nuked by some cold war relic of a nuclear missile.

Lucky for the Iceman the snow disappeared when I reached Radway.  One moment there is a blizzard and the next their isn't.  Radway was good, Redwater was not and Gibbons.. well what can you really say about Gibbons other than the diesel at fas gas there pumps really fast which is nice when it is cold.  I did stop at Gibbons on the way back just to make sure it was still there.

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