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We are Alberta's Ice Company | Columbia Ice

Columbia Ice is Alberta's Ice Company because the only place we do business is in Alberta.  If BC called for ice we would say heck no because they don't want our pipeline.  If Saskatchewan called begging for ice... well we would send a reefer full of ice to them because in the busy summer months they send a reefer to us if we are running low.  That said in general, 99.9% of the time all the ice made by Columbia Ice stays in Alberta. In terms of ownership, where the profits go, we are 100% Alberta.
Map of Canada with Alberta highlighted in orange.
Columbia Ice is Alberta's Ice company

When we say Alberta's Ice Company we mean to say we can ship reefers or truckloads of festival ice to anywhere in Alberta.  If you are having a small party in Calgary it really isn't in our everyday delivery range.  

Have I confused you? 

We are Alberta's Ice Company when it comes to ordering a truckload of ice.  When I say truckload I mean a big semi load of ice.  When it comes to needing 15 big bags of party ice, our delivery area shrinks to Edmonton and area because we do not have a factory in Calgary.  Driving 4 hours to deliver 15 bags of ice wouldn't be worth it from a cost perspective.  You could buy a freezer for the price it would take to deliver that ice.  

At Columbia we distribute ice to liquor and gas stations in and around Edmonton.  We ship ice via reefer outside this delivery radius to anywhere in the province.  If someone was willing to pay enough we would even ship ice to the moon.   Sadly this never happens because they don't need ice on the moon.  

For all your ice needs in Alberta call Alberta's Ice company, Columbia Ice.  

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