Monday, December 3, 2012

Why we chose the name Columbia Ice for an ice company?

Expanded Columbia Ice logo.
Columbia Ice, Edmonton's Ice Company
Once upon a time there was a liquor distribution guy and a butcher who became friends.  Together they decided to join forces and build an ice company in Edmonton.   Polar Ice, not the vodka was born.  Sadly for reasons unknown to me the butcher and the liquor guy decided to part ways with the butcher keeping Polar Ice.  The liquor distribution guy, still wanting to be in the ice industry decided to create his own ice company and Columbia Ice was born.  The name Columbia Ice was derived from the popular tourist destination Columbia Icefields between Jasper and Banff.   After running the company for a number of years the liquor guy decided to sell Columbia Ice to Ernie Graveline, a coffee guy who wanted to get into manufacturing and chose ice.  Ernie, seeing that the main ice manufacturer in Canada was struggling with debt issues which resulted in a Canadian company being bought by an American one, decided the time was right for expansion so he built a new ice factory up in Acheson which is just between Edmonton and Spruce Grove.  The idea was to slowly increase the amount of ice supply and work hard to be known as Edmonton's ice company.  Unlike the newly created American ice company, Ernie wasn't interested in conquering the world, just wanted to be the best ice company in Edmonton.  Although it is not the most exciting story, it is our story and how Columbia Ice got its name and came to be.

If you need large or small bags of ice for a party or event just give us a call or send us an email.  We are Edmonton's Ice Company.

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