Monday, May 14, 2012

How to use bagged ice Edmonton in anchor text?

Below what you see is the HTML coding for a hyperlink tag.  The is the link that will get embedded beneath the bagged ice Edmonton text. The link is saying to a browser (firefox, internet explorer, chrome, etc)  that when the user clicks on bagged ice Edmonton with the link embedded beneath the keyword phrase, to open up in place of this blog post.

<a href="">bagged ice Edmonton</a>

If you mouse over the bagged ice Edmonton, your cursor should turn into a hand, indicating there is a link there.  This link when clicked will take the user to the Columbia Ice homepage. 

Google, Bing and other search engines use what they call spiders to search the web.  When these spiders come across a hyperlink tag like you see above, they read the link and the anchor text.  i.e.  bagged ice Edmonton.

The anchor text is then related to the embedded link which in this case is  This tells a search engine that if a user searches for "bagged ice Edmonton"  that one of the possible websites that the user might be looking for could be Columbia Ice's homepage.  In this regard anchor text is a way to contextualize links to search allowing Google to present more relevant results.

If you want more information on anchor text check out this article.

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