Thursday, May 3, 2012

Does google know your Edmonton liquor store exists?

Lets say I am staying in a hotel in Edmonton.  Feeling a little jet lagged I decide I would like to get a few cold beers to enjoy while watching the hockey game.  Being the tech suavy individual I am, I open up the laptop and google edmonton liquor store near whatever hotel I am staying at.  Google being google gives me a nice list to look at with a map on the right hand side.
Edmonton liquor store image.
Where is your Edmonton liquor store?

After looking at the map and determining the closest liquor store I grab my room key and away I go.  However on the way to the closest liquor store I find myself walking past one that did not show up in google.  How could this be I say to myself, thinking that every business is in google.  

When I get back I go back to my search results for edmonton liquor store.  Click on the map and look around trying to find where google gets their information.  As shown in the picture below google gets their information from yellowpages.  The problem with this is new businesses might not get into yellowpages until the following year when they put out a new book.  I imagine it is possible to enter your business information online however if your business didn't exist when yellowpages was making their book, it likely won't exist online.

Google uses YellowPages directory.

What is a business to do?  Go to google places and set up your business on google.  That way when some guy like me wants a few beers, he will see your Edmonton liquor store in search.

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