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There are 3 ice companies in Edmonton.  Polar, Arctic Glacier and Columbia Ice where I work.  Arctic Glacier is the largest as they serve both Canada and the US.  Both Polar and ourselves are more localized, focused on the Edmonton market.  That is not to say Arctic does not serve Edmonton, just they are a large international corporation whereas Columbia Ice and Polar are privately owned Alberta Businesses.

We all sell ice tested for human consumption.  For the most part the type of ice sold, tube ice is used by all three companies.  I should say will be used by all ice companies in Edmonton because in a few weeks once our new plant is up and running we will be making tube ice, at least for most of our production.  The reason this type of ice is more popular than the square ice cubes is the industrial ice machines that make ice in large volume tend to be tube ice.  It also takes a lot less power to make tube ice which is becoming increasingly important in industry these days.  

The only differences that really matters to the ice retailer are: 
1. What is the cost per bag?  
2. Can I get a new, modern ice merchandiser with auto defrost which is a big deal for indoor locations?  
3. If it is Saturday and we run out of ice will you go to work to fill us up?  

These are the type of questions that are important to ask if you are looking at changing your current ice vendor or looking to sell ice for the first time.  I should note that in reference to the ice retailer we are talking about the small bags of party ice.  

In terms of direct to client usually, unless we are talking about large water and ice companies we would be talking about the large bags of party ice.  Again when it comes to large 25 lb bags of party ice for the most part all ice companies are the same.  If you order enough ice we will deliver it.  If you only need a couple of bags we all have partner vendors to pick the ice up from.  Again this is something you will have to call around and find out for yourself.  

I know not really an exciting day in the life of the iceman post.  Today is slow because it got cold again after getting hot.  

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