Thursday, April 26, 2012

Does local matter to liquor stores in Edmonton?

When trying to convince liquor stores in Edmonton to sell Columbia Ice's party ice, one of the selling points we use is we are a local business.  The profit we make won't be sent to Winnipeg to pay off antitrust fines like our competition.  Our revenue here at Columbia Ice will be spent on improving our infrastructure.   Sure some of it does go to the US because some stuff like ice merchandisers you can't get in Canada.  However, for the most part we are investing in growing our business in Edmonton, AB, not in the US.  We feel like this is a big distinction.  We at Columbia Ice are only interested in investing in Alberta's economy.

The reason I say comparable prices is because price does matter.  Nobody in Alberta likes the fact the money they spend at Walmart or Target is going to a US corporation.  The only reason most people in Alberta shop at those stores is because you can't beat the prices.  Large international corporations are able to offer consumers lower prices because they purchase products in large amounts.  If there was a local business that could offer the same products at the same prices most people would likely prefer to shop local.  By supporting those who exist in the same geographic area you are helping keep your local economy strong.

The reason I am asking if local matters to liquor stores in Edmonton is because often it seems like it doesn't and it makes no sense to me.  If a local liquor outlet in Edmonton is expecting people to support their local business wouldn't it just make sense to do the same thing back?  I am not even saying they should sell just our ice as there are two local ice companies in Alberta.  Either of the two would make far more sense to me.  As a consumer myself I feel much better knowing that the money I spend stays in Edmonton, helping our city and province stay strong in an increasingly unstable world economically.

That said working for a local business does make me biased so let me pose the question to you.  Does it matter to you that the products you buy are made in Alberta?

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A local company has more accountability.
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