Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tzeporah Berman gives oil sands advisory board legitimacy.

Unlike Brian Jean of the Wildrose and Jason Kenny of the Progressive Conservatives, I appreciate different perspectives on the oil advisory board in Alberta.  There are a great deal of Canadians who care a whole lot about the environment and do believe unfettered capitalism is reckless without taking into account the effect that capitalism will have on the environment.  We only have one world and if we don't practice better stewardship than we won't even have that.  Pipelines sound great but for many of us there is a moment of pause needed to consider the long-term environmental consequences of pipelines.  Too often mankind has a habit of doing first and then realizing later there were adverse consequences.

Jason Kenny and Brian Jean in their single-minded focus on job creation are acting as if climate change is a myth that we do not need to deal with and thus they do not speak to people like me who are leaning to supporting pipelines if and only if environmental issues are taken into account.  For an oil advisory board to seem legitimate and garner my support, a person like Tzeporah Berman is needed.  If the PC's were in power, based on Alberta's history, I would expect an oil advisory board to be full of oil execs.  People who champion oil, enviromental issues be dammed.  Having a contrarian opinion gives me comfort as I know the large group of Canadians who are fighting for greener Canada will have a voice.  This contrary voice will counter the oil, oil, oil enviroment be dammed voice that those who share ideological leanings of a Brian Jean or Jason Kenny seem to have.  Call Tzeporah a check and balance giving our enviroment a voice.  I don't have to agree with her but I know she will at least stand up for mother nature even in the face criticism from those who need everyone to think and act alike.  I like the fact that some of the NDP would logically not be a 100% behind pipelines because not all Albertans or Canadians are a 100% behind pipelines.  Different perspectives provide a check and balance.

I don't want to live in a Canada where everyone thinks, acts, talk and looks alike.  I love our diversity of religion, races, cultures and perspectives.  It is only through the converging of diffferent opinions we find common ground in the middle as we seem to have in regards to pipelines.  Yes, we have a carbon tax to push industry to be greener but the reward is economic investment in the creation of pipelines giving us better access to markets who give us a better price on oil.  The only reason Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notely were able to achieve the possibility of pipelines was because they represented the diverse perspectives of all Canadians.  When it comes to pipelines you need the people on the fence to show support.  Those who are for pipelines are already on board and represented in Alberta.  Those who have felt their voice muzzled, opinions dimissed, on the side of the enviroment, have never felt like they were represented in govt committees around oil, need the contrarian.  For this group of Canadians, growing larger and larger in numbers daily as the effects of Global Warming become more obvious an enviroment champion is needed to get pipelines built without screwing mother nature in the process.  Take Tzeporah off the oil advisory board and that group who cares about the enviroment, will see the board as just another tool for the oil industry to push their agenda through.

So please, before you regurgitate what talking bobbleheads in suits say ask yourself if you are the target demographic  Notely and Trudeau have to get off the fence about pipelines onto the side of  those who support pipelines if they are to get built. A big reason Harper and previous PC gov'ts failed to garner support for their pipelines is they muzzled or simply did not give a voice to those who believed differently.  Thus in Alberta and Canada if you want pipelines then you want Tzeporah Berman on the oil advisory board of Alberta.  If you are against pipelines like Jason Kenny or Brian Jean keep asking for Tzeporah to resign because if she does resign then the oil advisory board becomes nothing more than a machivellian govt run board giving the illusion they care about the enviroment allianating those on the fence about pipelines.

The Iceman

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Edmonton baker uses packaged ice in bread making.

When you think of Edmonton and Ice do you think bread?  I certainly would of never of considered ice a vital ingredient when it comes to making bread and pastries.  Of course, I didn't know they used ice to make concrete harder till I started working at Columbia Ice.  I shouldn't be surprised they use ice in the wonderful world of baking.  I am not entirely sure why some bakeries use packaged ice in their processes but from what I can tell by googling there are two reasons.

Edmonton ice for Edmonton bread
The first is ice cold water is used to slow the fermentation process allowing some sort of acids to work, giving the bread more flavor.  The second is when dealing with lard in pie crusts you don't want the lard to melt.  According to Ernie, this gives the crust good flakiness.  I have never actually attempted to make pie crust, a pie or even bread so I will take his word on it.

Learning Edmonton ice is used in baking is one thing, trying to find the right type of bakery is another when it comes to trying to sell ice.  As an iceman working at an Edmonton ice company looking for new clients, you want to find the high volume baker that uses enough ice to make a delivery worthwhile and doesn't have an ice machine.  Sadly this has not been easy as the bakeries I have contacted in the past either have an ice maker or don't make the right types of breads, pie crusts and/or pizza crust where they need ice.

But I am alive and lots of people are not alive. I have a home and don't have to worry about bombs being dropped on it.  I have dogs that don't try to eat me.... so I am feeling optimistic.  I am going to write this snazzy blog post.  Some Edmonton baker will read the post, call 780-960-7161 and say SANDRA I need ice to make the bread flavorful. I need ice to make flaky crusts on pie,  I need ice, someone hit me over the head with a bat... might of been the Master Iceman of Columbia Ice trying to increase ice sales...

Thank you for listening ice.. most nice of you..

Master Iceman

Friday, July 15, 2016

Every time in rains there is an iceman crying.

Being an iceman in Alberta can be depressing.  You turn on the news, read a digital paper and everyone is talking about global warming.  The one business which is global warming friendly should be ice.  As the world warms more people need to cool themselves with ice cold water or beer.  Not in yeg aka Edmonton or Calgary where the rain keeps on falling.  I am not exactly sure where this rain comes from as we live in the prairies.  the rain does not stay long.  It will be plus 25, sunny, a beautiful day and then bam the rain hits.   With rain comes the cancellation of events, people do not go camping and ice sales drop, drop, drop.  This makes me cry.  

First it was the low price of oil meaning no worker ice and now unpredictable weather killing ice sales.   Maybe I need to get into the umbrella business.  At Columbia Ice we make ice to keep beer cold and umbrellas to keep you dry.  If only I could pay workers 10 cents an hour like they do at sweatshops where umbrellas are made. 

Would you like a job making umbrellas for 10 cents an hour?  Hahaha.. this is a joke btw.  I wouldn't actually pay anyone 10 cents.  I pay a living wage even for students who are mostly useless.  

They call me... I call me

the master iceman.