Saturday, May 21, 2016

I hired a Muslim man who hasn't tried to kill me.

I hired a Muslim man who hasn't tried to kill me.  I want to ask trump followers how can this be, you all act like being Muslim means killing non-Muslims.  Could it be that most Muslims like we see at superstore have no interested in killing anyone?  That Muslims in general have as much in common with ISIS as we do the idiot parents who beat their kid to death for wanting to leave an extreme sec of Christianity? 

Crazy talk I know.  Never make the Facebook feed.  A Muslim, likely a billion or so who have no interesting in killing... Snooze alert, who wants to read a story about Muslims not wanting to kill Christians, atheists or as I like to call them agnostics in denial as nobody speaks to zombies.  I made that joke to the Muslim man I hired and he didn't try to kill me.  It isn't that the majority is silent, it is they are too boring to make it before our eyes.  Scandal, sex, devastation and gore get the most clicks which is why reporters seek out the worst of us to define the world outside of us by.  

Master Iceman

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I don't care about Trudeau and his stupid elbow

The idiocy of politics is that you all don't have an app to vote on bills so stupid parliament games don't ducktape those we elect to seats in some house I don't care to ever see.  I don't even care if Justin Trudeau threw an elbow.  Nothing more annoying than talking bobblehead dolls in suits saying nothing.  What is the point other than trying to shame another while rejoicing in their flaws pretending you are better.  Drive me batty, the frostbite would get agitated, voices would start to speak...

The weather forecast called for a flurry as my arms started flaying forward.  38 years of hockey for breakfast, lunch and dinner had taught me one recourse to stupid... I grab the suit jacket over the fellow mp's head, feeding him shots to the head...and u all want to talk about an elbow. Lucky they don't elect this master iceman.

Shit up, get to work and talk about crap that matters.  Don't waste our taxpayer money crying about an arm that may of been an elbow.  

Master Iceman

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nobody likes talking about mental illness.

Nobody who has frostbite on the brain likes to talk about it.  Doing so can wear out friendships, family isn't always understanding, often people give simplistic answers to what tends to be very complicated and then they get mad or act fed up that it didn't work.  I don't have answers.  Feeling the world too much and for too long is a mofo.  I will offer perspective...

Sensitive people can often become overwhelmed with emotions.  The wave of emotion combined with personal insecurity, low self esteem can change how you see the world.  It causes you to misread most situations, often leading u to assume the worst, creating all this anxiety, fear, self loathing until either ur fears r confirmed or u r wrong, everything is fine, the world does not end, anxiety is replaced by relief, at least until the next time she doesn't say goodbye with the perfect tone, changes plans, doesn't say something sweet back.  Over and over again emotionally ur relationships become overwhelming as u can't relax.  Instead of living life in the moment there is the voice in your head always making h anxious that u r going to mess things up.  Without intending to, you look for reassurance because u can't make that leap to believing the signs.  Nothing women hate more than having to reassure men.  Nothing makes u less attractive.  

If ur experience is somewhat like this then you still have a ways to go in the battle with self and perspective.  It isn't an impossible journey. You need to surround yourself with good friends who care about you. Stay on track in terms of what u want to achieve in school, career, work etc.  Do small positive things for yourself, achievable goals.  Give it time, understand when it comes to love u r more likely to fail than succeed these days.  Timing is so important.  U can meet amazing people but not be in the same place.  Love can end for a million and one reasons.  U can obsess, look for answers in the tea leaves, drive urself mad, or you can take a moment, reflect, learn, and then turn the channel.  One person's view of u does not define ur self worth.  U can try to make mismatched puzzle pieces match all u want but they ain't going to match.

Energizer bunny, that is who you have to be.  You got to keep going because Miley becomes Pip, Polly, Dolly until you find your match.  Secret to life is keep going. Breath, sleep, eat, work, have fun, etc.  There is no pause.  You are going to be wrong, fail a dozen more times, sometimes in embarrassing ways.  Trust me when I say all of us have moments in our life that when we reflect on we want to scream as how stupid we were.  If there is comfort in knowing love, romance, the dream of family drives many of us to act less than perfect, to take it personal, feel it more deeply, making it hard to snap out of it then take comfort in numbers.  All u can do in life is learn, forgive urself for being stupid, look forward and keep going.  

Master Iceman