Saturday, May 6, 2017

Stop blaming refs for Oilers losing to the Ducks

I remember back in the day when I was playing basketball, we got beat down by 30 points and a guy on my team tried to blame the refs.  My response was refs don't cause a team to lose by 30 points.  In hockey the games are much closer, however the principle is the same you don't blame a ref for wins and loses.  That is what losers do.  They cry, look everywhere else for blame instead of looking in the mirror when trying to find blame for a lose.  If refereeing is an issue never let the game get into a situation where one or two calls by a ref can determine the outcome.

In reference to the last two games the Oilers played against the Ducks, the Oilers they lost because they stopped doing what made them successful after getting a 2-0 lead in game 4 and a 3-0 lead in game 5.  Instead of continuing to attack, realizing the team they were playing had a tendency to go on dominating runs when faced with a defensive, lets not lose style, the Oilers sat back and dared the ducks to comeback.  Of course, as is the pattern of the Oilers during the mad comeback the ref was put in a position to have a direct effect on the game.  Sure it is easy to say goalie interference but man you are playing with fire allowing the other team to have puck and players in close like that, hoping a ref will save the Oiler's bacon.

Both Oiler games 4 and 5 against the Ducks was PREDICTABLE.  You knew the Oilers were going to sit back thinking 2 or 3 goals was enough to win.  If this was the 80's the desire of 99 and friends to embarrass would of prevented either outcome.  99 unlike 97 didn't just want to win, Gretzky wanted to win pulling away.  It was an obsession to score as many goals as possible for those teams back in the glory years.  McDavid, Draisailt and friends seem happy getting a couple of goals and then hoping for time to run out.  They play with fire as hockey games are not usually won by playing less than a full game.  In Game 4 the Oilers thought they won after the first 20 minutes and in game 5 the Oilers thought they won after 40 minutes.

Stop crying about referees.  Stop looking for external reasons why the Oilers lose.  Winning and losing starts and ends with the players and coaches in the Oiler locker room.  Don't go hoping to hold on to a lead to a win. Play like you need the next goal, want the next goal, become obsessed about extending the lead.  Play desperate hockey at all times regardless of the score as if a goal is like crack to a crack addict and you can't live without the roar of the crowd that only comes with lighting the red light behind the net.

Master Iceman

Friday, April 21, 2017

All large events should have uniform police including Gay Pride Parade in Toronto.

I dislike when agendas cause human life to be put in jeopardy and that is exactly what Gay Pride Toronto and Black Lives Matter are advocating by banning uniform police officers at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade.  All a person has to do is pay attention to the advent of the truck suicide bombers in Europe to understand why we need as many uniform police at all large events as possible.  Uniform police provide a very big warning sign to those who would do us harm.  I don't carry a gun, this isn't America where everyone seems to carry an oozy in their pockets.  This is Canada where we like to go out and about to our favorite events without packing heat.  Without uniform police these festivals, parades and other large events are a terrorist's wet dream.  It should be mandatory that cops in uniform must be present.  I get racism exists but trying to change attitudes should not put people in danger.

Speaking of racism in Canada, I can't help but wonder if Black Lives Matter can be the face of racism in Canada.  I look at the first Canadians, our aboriginal brothers and sisters.  I see a group of people who was rounded up, put into the farthest parts of Canada, out of site, out of mind.  Indigenous people were given a different set of rules by which to live by.  Their kids were taken once in the residential schools and again in the different baby scoops.  First Nation people were neglected, experimented on, starved, treated horribly and experienced a level of racism that no Black, Asian, Arab person has come close to experiencing in Canada.  I respect the mission of  Black Lives Matter but that is an American story of racism that Black Lives Matter was created to combat.  It is a reach to suggest that black Canadians and Americans experience  the same level of discrimination.  It is much more accurate to suggest indigenous Canadians experience a level of racism felt by black Americans.  In both cases there is a long history of racial discrimination.  

I also take offense to those who would label our police force in Canada by the same brush used to paint their American counterparts.  I have all day for Aboriginal people who stand up and stay I have been treated poorly by police/RCMP because our history is filled with numerous examples of first nation folk being unfairly treated.  I have no time for  Black Lives Matter taking the videos and images used in the States as an indication of how police officers and RCMP act in Canada.  Racism isn't a uniquely black idea.  It exists all over the world and is not unique to white folk.  It is never justified and often just a product of how we judge others based on the extreme examples we see in the news.  Every country has a racist dynamic.  In the US it is largely a black white issue and in Canada it is largely an indigenous white issue.  When discussing racism in Canada indigenous people must be at the head of the table.  I believe this matters so much in Canada because our racist perspectives towards Aboriginal folk is so ingrained we don't even recognize it exists.  If we made the face of racism in Canada black it is like saying the treatment of Aboriginal folk don't matter.

Master Iceman

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Breaking a bully's nose was a defining moment in my life

I was always a shy kid.  I let people push me around.  Didn't really fight back as I was always consumed with fear of life and people.  Vince was his name, he had spiked hair, glasses and big arms for a guy in grade 9.  The school I was at had a policy that you got suspended 5 days for fighting and anyone who watched a fight got suspended for a day.  The principle wouldn't break up a fight, instead he would video tape the people at the fight.  Needless to say in our school there was not many fisticuffs.

I don't know what snapped inside me that I decided to challenge Vince to a fight behind the hockey rink.  As soon as I did the kids who enjoyed a good fight became cheerleaders walking us to the area away from the school.  Vince cam at me smiling, went to push me and that is when I fed his face a left, a left, a left, he bent over and then I kicked Vince in the face.  Fight was over, Vince was down for the count and I was told by the crowd of more experienced fighters to take off.

Even though I called Vince later that night to make sure he was ok breaking that kids nose was one of the defining moments of my life.  I finally took a step outside of my shell of shyness and stood up for myself.  It was no ok that Vince bullied me and by breaking Vince's nose I was saying with a fist it stops now.

The interesting thing is 20 years later in our pink shirt anti-bullying world is I would of been told what I did was wrong.  I should of told an adult who would... I don't even know what an adult could do expect morph me into a bigger target as being a rat just encouraged more bullying.  Sometimes being a human is having to take matters into your own hands and stand up for yourself.  It wasn't an adult saying it was not ok to bully me.  I said with force it was not ok to bully me.

No I am not saying force is the answer.  I don't have answers.  It just is interesting how what was the right choice for me 20 years ago likely isn't the right choice for young people today.  When I grew up you punched the bully in the nose.  Respect was earned and then everyone went on with their lives.  Today... I don't know how respect is earned by telling an adult.

The Master Iceman